Photo: Genevieve Nnaji Show Off Her Natural Hair + Rolex watch

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Aww, someone should please wife this cutie up na. She took to Instagram to flaunt her natural full hair while some of her mate are losing their Hairline, it is a different ball game for Genny, her hairline is still intact …

Spot her rolex watch… 6figures in naira


Video : Faces of ladies who will sleep with their sister’s husband

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For money can you sleep with your sister’s husband



REVEALED: Nollywood’s Most Bootilicious Actress Chioma Daniella Okeke’s Booty Is FAKE! All Implants [MUST SEE PHOTO]

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Daniella Okeke, the star of Emem Isong’s much awaited flick, Lagos Cougar, has been causing stir with her voluptuous booty and

gigantic boobs. Those who know her just a few months ago will tell that there is a huge change in the actress. The actress hasn’t been this curvaceous which means there may be clear indications that she underwent a complete plastic surgery on her boobs and booty
As at last year, Daniella could pass by without getting a side look let alone a stare from men and women alike but that doesn’t seem to be the story of the actress currently.
And if you think she will jump out to deny the allegations, you will be wrong. She even in a way confirmed that there was was work done on her. She once posted a picture of herself on her Instagram page and she put the caption, “Dr 9210 oh yeah I want my ass bigger buhahahahahah Dr ray where u @???.”  If you know the Show, you will know Dr Ray is one of the biggest names in cosmetic surgery. Her boobs and booty are currently the talk of the industry.

OMG!!! What’s going on with Lil’ Kim?? Are Plastic Silicon Implants Are Deteriorating (Shocking Photos)

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Omg!! What’s going on with lil’kim?  Is she on some kind of meds or is it plastic

surgery or botox gone wrong?? What is going on with her skin color? This is very
strange… Check out her before and now photos


The 7 Photos Kim Kardsahian Doesn’t Want You To See! – SHOCKING PHOTOS

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Kim Kardashian always looks poised, sophisticated and well-dressed but, as these pictures prove, that wasn’t always the case. Kim can deny the plastic surgery rumors all she wants but there’s something seriously different about her appearance in these photos compared to ones taken in recent years. Everything from her hair line and skin color to her face shape and figure looks completely different.

Take a look at these photos and let us know if you think Kim has had work done:







Photo: HIV+ Woman Arrested For Breastfeeding Neighbour’s Baby

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39-year-old Zimbabwean woman, Annie Mpariwa who is HIV positive has been arrested for breastfeeding a neighbour’s baby without her consent. The case which is already in court has been set for further hearing on the 24th of October  for an HIV test to be performed on the toddler. She was arrested last week on charges of common nuisance and should the child test positive; the charge will be raised to “deliberately infecting another person with HIV”. The mother of the 14-month-old baby said seeing her child being breastfed by her neighbour was traumatising.

According to her, the neighbour snatched the child while she was playing outside and hid her in her room. But after searching for the child for quite some time, she went and knocked on Annie’s rented room and got no response. Upon peeping through the window, she saw her breastfeeding the little girl.

I was shocked. I nearly fainted,” she said, adding that her breasts were leaking milk yet she was not a nursing mother or pregnant.