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Photos : Black family undergoes amazing transformation to become a white family

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A black family went for an extreme makeover in order to become a white family, and the results are fascinating.

The husband, wife, and the wife’s teenage daughter, were unrecognizable after they had hair and makeup done to look like they were born white. They looked like a typical white family.

This fascinating transformation was done as part of a French television show called “Dans la peau d’un Noir” (In the skin of a Black Person).

As a matter of fact, there was also a white family, who was transformed and lived as a black family for a while, as part of the show. (see photo left)

Both families had a chance to live with their changed skin color for a while, as they were being recorded for the reality television show.

Christine Cauquelin, a director of the documentary, explained that “this is not a movie about racism because France is not racist in the sense of segregation, but rather to address the behaviors that are causing tensions.”

It was done to illustrate that people are treated differently because of the color of their skin.

The photo above shows Romuald Berald, 41, his wife Kitty Sina, 48, and her 19-year-old daughter, Audrey Verges. They are the black family, who was transformed into a white family.

The second photo, shows Stephanie Lawrence, Jonathan Richier and their son Romuald Richier, who were chosen to be transformed into a black family.

Once the families had been chosen, a team spent six months developing pigments and wigs, and ten weeks preparing the materials and to test them.

The families had to be very patient as the team of experts worked on changing their appearance.

It took several hours to apply all layers of white spray paint, and to do their hair and makeup.

At the end of the process, the families, and everyone who saw them, were left in shock with their new looks as they look naturally white and black, and were hard to recognize.



Wizkid And Akon Under Serious Attack for Racially Discriminating Black Ladies in Ghana!

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A popular US blog, recently blasted singing sensation Wizkid and Akon for preferring to use light-skinned ladies for their upcoming video.

Apparently, a few ladies at the auditions got miffed and let out the story.

“Ahead of the upcoming concert that will see the likes of Akon, WizKid, Sarkodie and more in Ghana, controversy sparks! In a recent video shoot for an up and coming Akon and WizKid video, some Ghanaian models and girl were called upon to participate by the directors a few days ahead of the shoot.


Presumably prior to Akon and Wiz Kids arrival in Ghana.


A model reported on the day of the shoot some girls were turned away as the agent (or the man responsible for calling them) informed them that “they now want half cast girls”. A term used to describe girls with mixed heritage, usually ones with white blood in them.


“THEY”, most likely referring to WizKid, Akon and/or his music video producer, turning away a fleet of arrivals originally requested to attend by the model scout. In fact, the agent requested if the girls could help him seek light skinned girls because ‘THEY’ were so adamant on this request even on late notice.


Nigeria, where WizKid is from, and Senegal where Akon is from, are countries both flooded with girls bleaching their skin simply because of such discrimination and being made to feel ugly if dark. Not just in media and modelling, but general favours in life. Whilst there are good people in both countries trying to reverse the self esteem damage of such activities such as Adama Paris who banned skinned bleach models from the Senegalese national fashion week, Akon and Wiz Kid’s team are trying to further such acts internationally.

If this is the intentions Akon and the arrogant side kick WizKid wish to introduce to Ghana, then we will be more than glad to uninvite them. Unfortunately for these bigots, Ghana has never been a land where girls are discriminated for skin tone in any field. In such matters, it is obvious they will pass the blame onto an employee to maintain their reputation. But for any such behavior, both these artists should be boycotted until their position is clarified”

OMG!!! What’s going on with Lil’ Kim?? Are Plastic Silicon Implants Are Deteriorating (Shocking Photos)

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Omg!! What’s going on with lil’kim?  Is she on some kind of meds or is it plastic

surgery or botox gone wrong?? What is going on with her skin color? This is very
strange… Check out her before and now photos